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Past Conference

Photo of attendees of a recent CORE Week event with the CORE Week brand

Mon., Nov. 7, 2022 - Thu., Nov. 10, 2022

CORE Week, featuring the Race and Economic Outcomes Conference

The Collaboration of Research Economists (CORE) model combines frontier research and an innovative delivery method to advance collaboration within the economics profession.

The CORE model consists of eight CORE Weeks per year. During each week, visiting economists from a range of disciplines will join with Richmond Fed economists for seminars, conferences, and formal and informal networking and collaboration — all with an eye toward advancing economic research.

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Presenters and Visiting Economists

Milena Almagro headshot

Milena Almagro

Chicago Booth School of Business
Peter Arcidicono headshot

Peter Arcidiacono

Duke University
Timo Boppart headshot

Timo Boppart

Stockholm University
Sydnee Caldwell

Sydnee Caldwell

University of California, Berkeley
Elizabeth Caucutt headshot

Elizabeth Caucutt

University of Western Ontario
headshot of Yongsung Chang

Yongsung Chang

Seoul National University
headshot of Grey Gordon

Grey Gordon

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Ben Griffy headshot

Benjamin Griffy

University at Albany, SUNY
Place Holder

Callum Jones

Federal Reserve Board
Kyle Jurado headshot

Kyle Jurado

Duke University
Karen Kopecky headshot

Karen Kopecky

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Loukas Karabournis headshot

Loukas Karabarbounis

University of Minnesota
Pablo Kurlat headshot

Pablo Kurlat

University of Southern California
Kevin Lang headshot

Kevin Lang

Boston University
headshot of Claudia Macaluso

Claudia Macaluso

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Makato Nakajima headshot

Makoto Nakajima

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
headshot of Urvi Neelakantan

Urvi Neelakantan

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
headshot of Horacio Sapriza

Horacio Sapriza

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Andria Smythe headshot

Andria Smythe

Howard University
Aradhya Sood headshot

Aradhya Sood

University of Toronto
Rosen Valchev

Rosen Valchev

Boston College


Titles listed where decided

  • Monday, Nov. 7, 2022
    11:00 am

    Visitor Seminar: Karen Kopecky (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) presenting the paper "“How Important is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality?” joint with Roozbeh Hosseini and Kai Zhao

    01:00 pm

    Visitor Seminar: Callum Jones (Federal Reserve Board) presenting the paper “Is There a Stable Relationship between Unemployment and Future Inflation?” joint with Terry Fitzgerald, Mariano Kulish, and Juan Pablo Nicolini

    03:30 pm

    Visitor Seminar: Pablo Kurlat (University of Southern California) presenting the paper “The Zero-Beta Rate,” joint with Sebastian Di Tella, Benjamin Hébert, and Qitong Wang

    05:30 pm

    Collaboration Hour

  • Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022
    10:00 am

    Visitor Seminar: Milena Almagro (Chicago Booth) presenting the paper “Urban Renewal, Gentrification, and Inequality: Evidence from Chicago Public Housing Demolitions”, joint with Eric Chyn and Bryan Stuart

    01:00 pm

    Visitor Seminar: Kyle Jurado (Duke University) presenting the paper “Revisiting the Forecasts of Others

    03:30 pm

    Visitor Seminar: Sydnee Caldwell (UC Berkeley) presenting the paper “Bargaining in the Labor Market

    05:30 pm

    Collaboration Hour

  • Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022
    09:15 am

    Race and Economic Outcomes Conference

    Registration & Breakfast

    09:45 am

    Opening Remarks

    09:55 am

    Makoto Nakajima (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) presenting the paper “Monetary Policy with Racial Inequality

    10:45 am

    Claudia Macaluso (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) presenting the paper “Minority Unemployment, Inflation, and Monetary Policy,” joint with Munseob Lee and Felipe Schwartzman

    11:30 am


    11:45 am

    Elizabeth Caucutt (University of Western Ontario) presenting the paper “Incarceration, Unemployment, and the Racial Marriage Divide,” joint with Nezih Guner and Christopher Rauh

    12:30 pm


    01:45 pm

    Keynote: Kevin Lang (Boston University) presenting the paper “The Boss is Watching: How Monitoring Decisions Hurt Black Workers,” joint with Costas Cavounidis and Russell Weinstein

    02:45 pm


    03:00 pm

    Peter Arcidiacono (Duke University) presenting the paper “What the Students for Fair Admissions Cases Reveal about Racial Preferences,” joint with Josh Kinsler and Tyler Ransom

    03:45 pm


    04:00 pm

    Benjamin Griffy (University at Albany, SUNY) presenting the paper “Beliefs and Affirmative Action in Employment”, joint with Eric R. Young

    05:00 pm


    06:00 pm

    Conference Dinner

  • Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022
    09:15 am

    Registration & Breakfast

    09:45 am

    Horacio Sapriza (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) presenting the paper “Does lending discrimination linger geographically?”, joint with David Marques-Ibanez and Alex Sclip

    10:35 am

    Aradhya Sood (University of Toronto) presenting the paper “Long Shadow of Racial Discrimination: Evidence from Housing Racial Covenants,” joint with Kevin Ehrman-Solberg

    11:20 am


    11:35 am

    Loukas Karabarbounis (University of Minnesota) presenting the paper “Reparations and Persistent Racial Wealth Gaps,” joint with Job Boerma

    12:20 pm


    01:30 pm

    Andria Smythe (Howard University) presenting the paper “Recessions and Long-run Racial Economic Inequality

    02:20 pm

    Urvi Neelakantan (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) presenting the paper “Accounting for Black-White Wealth Gaps: Earnings, Demographics, and Rates of Return,” joint with Kartik Athreya, Grey Gordon and John Jones

Future CORE Weeks


  • December 12 – December 16

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