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Collected Research and Policy Papers Discussed in Above Essays

Goodfriend, Marvin. 1986. "Monetary Mystique: Secrecy and Central Banking." Journal of Monetary Economics 17, no. 1 (January), 63-92. (See related essay by Lars E.O. Svensson.)

Goodfriend, Marvin. 1987. "Interest Rate Smoothing and Price Level Trend-Stationarity." Journal of Monetary Economics 19, no. 3 (May), 335-348. (See related essay by Michael Dotsey, Andreas Hornstein and Alexander L. Wolman.)

Goodfriend, Marvin. 1991. "Interest Rates and the Conduct of Monetary Policy." Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 34 (Spring), pp. 7-30. (See related essay by John B. Taylor.)

Goodfriend, Marvin. 1994. “Why We Need an ‘Accord’ for Federal Reserve Credit Policy: A Note.” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 26, no. 3 (August): 572-580. (See related essay by Charles Plosser.)

Goodfriend, Marvin, and Jeffrey Lacker. 1999. “Limited Commitment and Central Bank Lending.” Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly 85, no. 4 (Fall): 1-27. (See related essay by Kartik B. Athreya and Stephen D. Williamson.)

Goodfriend, Marvin. 1999a. “The Role of a Regional Bank in a System of Central Banks.” Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 51 (December): 51-71. Reprinted as Goodfriend, Marvin. 2000. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly 86, no. 1 (Winter). (See related essay by Michael Bordo and Edward S. Prescott.)

Goodfriend, Marvin. 2000. “Overcoming the Zero Bound on Interest Rate Policy.” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 32, no. 4, part 2 (November): 1007-35. (See related essay by Ben S. Bernanke.) 

Goodfriend, Marvin. 2002. "Interest on Reserves and Monetary Policy." Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review 8, no. 1 (May). (See related essay by Huberto M. Ennis and John A. Weinberg.)

Additional papers will be added soon.



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