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Past Program

Buildings in Washington, D.C.
Thu., June 23, 2022 - Fri., June 24, 2022

Federal Reserve Education Institute

What is considered full employment and how is it measured? How are prices measured and why does price stability matter? Join education specialists from across the Federal Reserve System for demonstrations of materials you can use in your in-person or virtual classroom to teach about employment and price stability.

You will:

  • Enjoy personalized instruction from economic education specialists with classroom teaching experience
  • Access NEW infographics and activities to teach about employment and price stability
  • Participate in demonstrations of active lessons that teach both price stability and full employment
  • Learn about Fed resources and museum tours available across the country
  • Get a guided tour of Econ Lowdown learning modules, video, audio, and readings with Q&As
  • Learn how to earn a Monetary Policy Badge
  • Get a certificate of attendance and up to 8 hours of CPDU credit

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Who Should Attend

Middle and high school teachers

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