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Our Financial Economists and Quantitative Research Analysts assess the implications of current economic and financial developments for supervised institutions, develop internal models, review bank’s quantitative models and assist on the formulation of supervisory policy.

Financial Economists

Quantitative Supervision and Research financial economists are actively engaged in research and Federal Reserve System supervisory projects. They conduct research in all areas of financial economics, including asset pricing, banking, corporate finance, and financial econometrics. The financial economists are located in Charlotte, Baltimore and Richmond.

Jeffrey Gerlach

Jeffrey R. Gerlach

Vice President

Quantitative Analysts

Quantitative research analysts (quants) participate in supervisory activities through on-site reviews and examinations related to banks’ use of quantitative modeling. They also contribute to the Federal Reserve System’s supervisory model development process.

Research Assistants

Research assistants support financial economists and quantitative research analysts with data analysis, literature reviews and model development. The research assistants are located in Charlotte and Baltimore.

(Please note that the Economic Research department also hires research associates to perform similar work in a broad set of economics topics. Note also that the Research Department positions are located in Richmond, while SRC positions are located in Baltimore and Charlotte.)